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Quote of the week

Read more: Conversion on Mount Improbable: How Evolution Challenges Christian Dogma h/t Jerry Coyne, WEIT  

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Jerry Coyne’s Storer Lecture on the Incompatibility of Science and Religion

On April 9, 2014, Dr. Jerry Coyne, one of our guest speakers at this year’s Atheist/Humanist convention in Pittsburgh gave an address at UC Davis as part of the Storer Lecture Series.  The 80 minute address was titled, Faith is … Continue reading

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De-extinction. Are you ready?

I wish to extend my sincere apologies for having the unmitigated gull to interfere with this week’s millisecond-by-millisecond coverage on just about every media outlet on planet Earth regarding the latest delusional moron to take the lead in keeping our … Continue reading

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Presented without (much) comment

I am late to the party on this one (mistakingly thought it was next week). I’m just pasting in the only info I have from an email I was forwarded. All online info I’ve been able to find on this … Continue reading

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Our neighbors to the west, Central Ohioans for Rational Inquiry (CORI), are organizing an Ohio SkeptiCamp for May. If you’re not familiar with BarCamps, let me quote Wikipedia: “user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events – Darwin edition!

Did you know that Pittsburgh is home to an amazing Charles Darwin impersonator? Dr. David Campbell of The Darwin Center For Science & Reason brings Darwin to life in Darwin Remembers, a theatrical experience from the voyage of The Beagle … Continue reading

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Illusory Pattern Perception

I recently came across this study from the October 3rd issue of the journal Science. It’s about how decreased control over life circumstances increases “Illusory Pattern Perception,” which is the tendency to see connections or meaningful relationships among random data … Continue reading

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Lawrence Krauss to Speak at Science Center Oct 3rd!

I just got wind of a really exciting event happening in Pittsburgh.  The Creative Non-Fiction Writers Conference 2008 is presenting on Science and Technology from October 2-4.   They have a myriad of events for writers as well as those just … Continue reading

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Café Scientifique Pittsburgh is back!

After a break for the summer, Café Scientifique Pittsburgh is now back with a new meetup schedule for September.  Café Scientifique hosts gatherings (not quite sure if they are monthly yet) where regular folks like ourselves can get a chance … Continue reading

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Wednesday Roundup

On Wednesdays I’m going to try and post a list of interesting skeptical and science links from the blogosphere that will give you something to read mid-week, and something to discuss when Drinking Skeptically rolls around again. Feel free to … Continue reading

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