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and deliver us from palin

One Thing, Real Quick: Sarah Palin’s irrational beliefs are absurd. In this article (another version here), she tells James Dobson from Focus on the Patriarchy that “the election rests in God’s hands.” Dobson asked whether Palin was discouraged by polls … Continue reading

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Wednesday Roundup No. 2

Brian Dunning’s Skeptoid podcast tackles cell phone radiation. (You can read the transcript at the link, in addition to download/subscribe to the podcast.) The Pittsburgh Sports League, and the friends and teammates of Randy Pausch, invite you to participate in … Continue reading

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you don't need to know the facts to have an opinion…

Oh my God. (It looks like that post is down, but Google’s cache and a mirror post still have it.) Quote: 2006 Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire The following questionnaire was sent to all candidates for Governor with their responses listed in … Continue reading

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