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How much would you pay to be stared at by a Croatian?

Apparently the going rate is $8, provided that the Croatian is Braco the Healer, whose “silent gaze transforms lives”: Unlike the gibberish-spewing, forehead-whacking faith healers of old, Braco’s approach is zen-like in its minimalism: he stares at you. After collecting … Continue reading

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It's official: Post-Gazette has lost it

“It’s official: Ghosts Haunt Slippery Rock auditorium” reads the Post-Gazette’s headline from Friday, March 20th. There’s even a video. Here’s just a bit of this questionable article: It’s official, folks. Miller Auditorium is haunted. But the good news is, they’re … Continue reading

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Small town attention/thrill seekers form a ghost hunting team, meet a theater professor with a flair for the dramatic and have a sleepover in a university theater. Will you find out about their hijinx and adventure in the next Goosebumps … Continue reading

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