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SCOTUS Got It Wrong Again – Part 2

So why is deference to religion so detrimental to society? There are a couple of reasons for this, but let’s start with one of the most fundamental problems by examining religion at its most basic level. Every religion or faith … Continue reading

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Today’s 4:20 break – consciousness has consequences

Over at Debunking Christianity John Loftus posted another righteous example of the potency of ridicule to debunk the perceived value of “faith.”

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If Jesus Came to Us Today

If Jesus Came to Us Today What if Jesus came to us today? How would we recognize him? Presuming for a moment that the Christian story were true, how were the crowds who came to hear Jesus preach supposed to … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne’s Storer Lecture on the Incompatibility of Science and Religion

On April 9, 2014, Dr. Jerry Coyne, one of our guest speakers at this year’s Atheist/Humanist convention in Pittsburgh gave an address at UC Davis as part of the Storer Lecture Series.  The 80 minute address was titled, Faith is … Continue reading

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Isn't God Obvious?

An article this morning in the Post-Gazette begins, “In a city where the local football franchise rates on par with the sacrosanct trinity of God, family and country….” First off, I don’t mind this. They’re making a good, humorous point … Continue reading

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