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I recently discovered a You-Tube channel that I think everyone will really enjoy and I’d like to share it with our readers. The You-Tube channel is the work of dogmaticCure. ¬†From what I have been able to discern, the videos … Continue reading

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Presented without (much) comment

I am late to the party on this one (mistakingly thought it was next week). I’m just pasting in the only info I have from an email I was forwarded. All online info I’ve been able to find on this … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events – Darwin edition!

Did you know that Pittsburgh is home to an amazing Charles Darwin impersonator? Dr. David Campbell of The Darwin Center For Science & Reason brings Darwin to life in Darwin Remembers, a theatrical experience from the voyage of The Beagle … Continue reading

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Missed opportunity

Guys, I wish I’d seen that Jason Rosenhouse of EvolutionBlog was going to be in Pittsburgh for that embarrassing International Conference on Creationism that plagues us annually now. I would’ve emailed him to see if he wanted (and had time) … Continue reading

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Wednesday Roundup

On Wednesdays I’m going to try and post a list of interesting skeptical and science links from the blogosphere that will give you something to read mid-week, and something to discuss when Drinking Skeptically rolls around again. Feel free to … Continue reading

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