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Today’s 4:20 break – Carson profundity

Regardtless (sic) of what you might think, Ben Carson is capable (as his boss would say) of very tremendous profundity. I place the below 30-second video into the public record as evidence for this claim.  

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Ben Carson invented the lobotomy

[But] Did you hear how Dr. Carson invented the lobotomy? As a teen, he was tinkering in his family’s garage with a soldering iron and a coat hanger, you know, just a curious teen with a dream to become a … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Rethuglican Prez. Debate – a review

Last night’s Rethuglican Prez. debates in Colorado were simply the best.  I was literally at the edge of the couch every second of the debate waiting with the greatest anticipation to hear the next ridiculous, stupid and pathetic response to … Continue reading

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