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Today’s 4:20 break: Bill Maher – The Mass Delusion

This 2010, 14-minute presentation of Bill Maher on the obvious inanity of god and demon belief was one of his best ever.  Bill manages to accomplish (in a mere 14 minutes, mind you) what some of the greatest thinkers and … Continue reading

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Watch What You Say on National TV

It is great to see bogus junk called out for what it is.  The Friendly Atheist has a great post about a recent episode of Shark Tank.  (I know what you are saying. I have never watched it either.)  Apparently, … Continue reading

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Why we’re screwed

People who know me, even casually, think that I’m an overly pessimistic person.   Most have a difficult time trying to figure out exactly why that is.  They often wonder: Was it bad parenting?  A troubled childhood?  Troubled adolescence?  Depression?  Perhaps … Continue reading

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