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PaStAHCon is next weekend

There is still room to attend PAsTAHCon coming up next weekend (Sept 13 – 15, 2017) in Philadelphia. The quantity and quality of the list of top-notch speakers will make it well-worth the trip for those of you within driving distance, … Continue reading

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When Words Matter

There was a tragic accident yesterday at the Schliterbahm Waterpark in Kansas that resulted in the death of a 10-year boy, Caleb Schwab, who is the son of a Republican state representative, Scott Schwab.  The Verruckt slide is unique in … Continue reading

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Obama and Science

In an emotional speech today about the need for greater gun control by President Obama, there was one argument that stood out from the rest: With more research we could further improve gun safety just as with more research we’ve … Continue reading

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The real face of “free market,” de-regulated capitalism

You’ve heard it a billion times already…. so many times that you’re almost ready to punch the lights out on the morons who repeat it like a religious mantra. “Business needs less gubment regulation!  We gotta’ get the gubment off … Continue reading

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Psychics Invade NPR

I have to admit that I am an NPR junkie. I like the focus on content over fluff, the lack of commercials, and the chance to learn something new. Also, there is no better interviewer on the planet than Terry … Continue reading

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Enlightenment poster of the day

Today begins a series of posters specially designed to help propel our readers to an ever higher state of enlightenment.  Each poster will contain a passage from one of the many extraordinary articles found in the new anthology by John … Continue reading

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Compassion as Secular Trait

An interesting article by Emman Seppala in the Observer last month asks: What led 26.5 percent of Americans to volunteer in 2012 (according to statistics from the US Department of Labor)? What propels someone to serve food at a homeless … Continue reading

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Women in Secularism II

Women in Secularism II has been a remarkable conference with an amazing group of speakers. This is Day 2, which started with an interesting panel of women who have left religion. The four articulate speakers each had a very different … Continue reading

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Not Stomping On Jesus

There has been an unfortunate uproar around a class exercise that was attempted by Dr. Deandre Poole.  He teaches Multi-Cultural Communication at Florida Atlantic University and to make the role of symbols concrete, he asked students to write JESUS on a … Continue reading

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Examining Your New Year’s Resolutions

Good news. I see that Philip Shropshire is revamping the Pittsburgh Atheism Examiner.  And, he makes a good point that this very blog has been a little thin over the past few months.  So, with the challenge in hand, both … Continue reading

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