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Why Atheists Go to “Church”: Explaining Sunday Assembly

By Ann Norman of Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh I used to have a Nigerian friend who chaffed when Americans continually complemented his perfect English; English happens to be the official language of Nigeria. I feel that I’m now in a similar … Continue reading

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Heal the World – from Child Abuse

At the risk of being denounced for asking the question: Which do you think is worse: sexual abuse or physical abuse? Sexual child abuse is of course inexcusable. But I suspect there are other crimes that can do as much … Continue reading

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A New Proof for God?

An astronomy club friend, Richard (Dick) Haddad) presents a novel proof for the existence of God in “No Sign in the Sky: Mediations on the Problem of Evil,” a book  that even an atheist can appreciate. It is well written, … Continue reading

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The Joy of Ice Hockey

If, as seems to be the case, we have only one life to live, it makes sense to play ice hockey. Hockey is a way to fit maximum fun into any finite space of time—typically an hour, but sometimes a … Continue reading

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The Ing-Kay and I

In a half-hearted attempt to evade the censors, I will tell the following all-too-true story in code: In I-land-Tay, there is an Ing-Kay, named Umeepon-Bay. He is worshiped almost like a god. He has arguably been a pretty good Ing-Kay. … Continue reading

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Atheist Kids Say the Darndest Things

My son, Jeremy was born with a built-in bullshit detector. When he was young, I was still insecure and closeted about my unbelief. I sent my children off to church with my husband in the hopes that religion would give … Continue reading

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Struggling with Doubt

Atheists may rule the Internet, but Christians still rule the radio. Sometimes when it’s late, and I’m tired of my own thoughts, I find a talk show to keep me company—even if it’s Christian. One Christian virtue is honesty, and … Continue reading

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If Jesus Came to Us Today What if Jesus came to us today? How would we recognize him? Presuming for a moment that the Christian story were true, how were the crowds who came to hear Jesus preach supposed to … Continue reading

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