Brunching Skeptically at Pittsburgh Fringe with Krish Mohan: 4/2/2017 at St. Mary’s Lyceum

Where: St. Mary’s Lyceum (910 Chestnut St. , Pittsburgh, PA)

When: 4/2/2017

RSVP at:

First Sunday of the month is Brunching Skeptically.  This month we take a field trip to the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival to Krish Mohan at 11:15, then head to brunch at 12:45.  Details on the show and tickets follow.  Brunch will be a few blocks away at Max’s Allegheny Tavern, 537 Suismon Street,  Pittsburgh, PA 15212, where they have a special Sunday buffet until 2:00pm.  Hope to see you at both events.

Approaching Happiness with Krish Mohan
Live at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival @ St. Mary’s Lyceum
910 Chestnut St Pittsburgh PA 15212

Sunday April 2, 2017
Show at 11:15AM
Ticket Link Coming Soon!
Sign Up:…

Approaching Happiness: What makes us happy? Comedian Krish Mohan explores the idea of Happiness and perceptions of mental illness in today’s society. He removing the stigmas associated with immigration, drugs, gun control, racism and being accountable for the problems we’ve created, all revolving around the subject of mental health. Will he find out how we can all approach happiness? Krish is a socially conscious Indian standup comedian and writer who regularly performs at small theaters, bars, comedy clubs, colleges and DIY venues across the country. He focuses on idea based stand-up tackling race, religion, immigration, relationships, political and social issues. With his quirky attitude, charming personality, and intelligent humor, Krish captivates and engages audiences of all backgrounds. He has had a highly rated & hit IndyFringe & the Capital Fringe Festival show. He has been featured on NPR and in the Arch City Comedy Festival.

“an honest, funny approach to describe how his expectations of moving to America didn’t line up with reality; how he has handled racism…; his relationship with his parents who raised him to be a devout Hindu, yet he is no longer faithful; and even sex education” -NUVO (Indianapolis)

“Mohan’s material is frequently clever if not uproariously funny” Roger Caitlin of the Washington Post

“If you appreciate comedians that deliver a message with style and truth, and make you LOL while they’re delivering the message, then go see the Indian Comedian, unless of course…you’re racist.” -Randy Clark from IndyFringe Talks

“he is a thinking man’s comedian and an astute one at that.” -Tom Alvarez of the Examiner

“a playful, provocative stand-up routine” -The DCist

“wry observations about how he’s treated in America as an immigrant, though he uses where he was born and what he looks like as a jumping-off point, not a crutch” -IndyStar

“‘touchy’ subjects are addressed with a personal approach from lifelong experience” -Ben Daniels of the DC Metro Theater Arts

“His insights on racism and alienation are presented with a light-hearted touch, which can be very difficult to pull off, especially in our current climate.” -Wendy Carson of Plays with John & Wendy

Audiences have called Krish’s show “brilliant”, “hilarious” and “refreshing” as he “skewers mainstream American ignorance: a nation of foreigners doesn’t seem to know what to make of them”.

Pittsburgh, PA – USA

Sunday, April 2 at 11:15 AM


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