Today’s 4:20 break – Impeachara. Ask your doctor if it’s right for you.

Feeling really down and in the dumps lately?  Are feelings of hopelessness and despair becoming a permanent part of your life?  Is your hair tuning prematurely white or falling out completely?  Having trouble sleeping?  Experiencing frequent panic attacks?  Find yourself in constant arguments with people you once thought were sane and rational? The most frightening of all, are you loosing friends on Facebook?

These signs, and more, are strong indicators that you may have developed a serious case of TIAD, Trump Induced Anxiety Disorder.  Fortunately, Impeachara is here to help.

Of course, only your doctor can tell for sure if Impeachara is right for you.  But surely a quick visit to your doctor is warranted just to find out if you may have fallen victim to this terrible disorder.

Helpful information about the new psyche-saving med is presented in the video below.



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