Science & Skeptics Book Club: The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes: 2PM TODAY at Biddle’s Escape

Where: Biddle’s Escape (401 Biddle Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221)


RSVP at:

“The Age of Wonder.” The Romantic Generation and the Discovery of the Beauty and Terror of Science. Richard Holmes

A riveting history of the men and women whose discoveries and inventions at the end of the eighteenth century gave birth to the Romantic Age of Science. Three lives dominate the book: William Herschel and his sister Caroline, whose dedication to the study of the stars forever changed the public conception of the solar system, the Milky Way, and the meaning of the universe; and Humphry Davy, who, with only a grammar school education stunned the scientific community with his near-suicidal gas experiments that led to the invention of the miners’ lamp and established British chemistry as the leading professional science in Europe.

Holmes’s extraordinary evocation of this age of wonder shows how great ideas and experiments–both successes and failures–were born of singular and often lonely dedication, and how religious faith and scientific truth collide.

Age of Wonder is a prior NYTimes Best Book of the Year.  The Carnegie Library has 19 copies and several audiobooks. You can buy it used at Amazon for 1¢ plus shipping.

Sunday, February 26 at 2:00 PM


Science & Skeptics Book Club: The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes

Sunday, Feb 26, 2017, 2:00 PM

5 Skeptics Attending

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