Unhinged Part II – another critical look

I really enjoy and highly value the perspective that Andrew Sullivan brings to current political events.  His discussion with Brian Stelter on CNN ‘s Reliable Sources a few days ago was particularly astute.

Andrew Sullivan articulates the hard-core evidence very well that supports the case for Herr D’s mental instability, and IMHO does it far better than any of the cable-ready psychiatrists that have attempted to do the same up to this point.

It’s a bit too early for me to provide a video link to the joint presser with Canadian PM, Trudeau, but I wish to assure everyone right now that it is a doozey.  I watched intently and listened closely to every word that the Orange-Haired Shit Gibbon uttered, and there is only one thing that I was able to conclude: Herr D is a simple-minded caricature of a delusional, rambling, practically incoherent idiot.  It’s an absolute must see, or not if gaining more evidence that your country is run by a lunatic frightens you.


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