Can anyone really doubt that the nation’s chief executive and commander in chief has serious mental problems?  I’m not being hyperbolic in the slightest sense when I ask this question.  I believe that this man is deranged, and the degree of his derangement should be obvious to any critically thinking person.

Here’s some of the clearest red flags that he displays on nearly a daily basis:

  • Constantly seeks praise and adoration from others.  If this doesn’t foretell a pathological sense of inadequacy, I don’t know what does.
  • Constantly exaggerates his accomplishments and blames his failures on others.
  • Constantly congratulates himself, even for things for which he deserves absolutely no credit.
  • Think-skinned and easily offended by anyone who dares to offer the slightest criticism, and feels compelled to strike back at anyone who does with Twitter tantrums typical of a 10-year-old, petulant brat.  Pettiness and vindictiveness are strong hallmarks of his character.
  • Believes that he’s one of the brightest human beings to have ever walked the earth, and is not ashamed in the least bit of constantly reminding everyone of his self-perceived greatness.   He’s the perfect example of a person suffering from a severe form of Dunning-Kruger Effect.
  • Believes that he can simply bully anyone into accepting his demands and following his orders, even if Federal judges rule that his orders are unconstitutional.  This disturbed human being actually has the unmitigated gall to call those judges “stupid” and to publicly challenge them.
  • Believes that none of his vengeful pipe dreams (“steal their oil,” “bomb the families of terrorists,” “torture works,” etc.) violate our Constitution or the Geneva Conventions. There is serious doubt that he has ever read either document.  Moreover, their is ample evidence to suggest that he may be only marginally literate.
  • Has a very limited attention span and verbal communications skills.  Constantly speaks to his audience using words (repetitive, no less) that never exceed elementary school level.
  • Constantly fear mongers, often regaling his audiences with horror stories of terrorist acts that have never happened or how “crime is rising” even though serious crimes, as reported annually by the FBI, have been steadily declining) or how America’s inner cities are consumed with crime, etc.
  • Believes that only he has the “answers to the world’s problems,” most of them straw-man problems created by the angry voices in his head.
  • Perceives literally everything through the lens of a “deal.”  For him, universal human rights are simply bargaining chips in a “deal he could make.”
  • Is quick to offend and insult our friends and allies, while playing footsy with some of the worst anti-democratic, murderous thugs on the planet.
  • Displays a pathological lack of empathy, sympathy and compassion for anyone other than himself and his immediate circle, and there’s every reason to believe that he’d be willing to even throw a family member under a bus if it served his narrow interests.
  • Has a strongman, know-it-all approach to everything, and is unapologetic about his total lack of experience in national or international political matters and personalities. In fact, he claims that he has more experience than just about anyone in human history!
  • Talks flippantly about the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons.  More than anything, this attribute is the most frightening.

Surely, any person who acts in this fashion must have their mental stability seriously questioned.  Remarkably enough, a quick search on the Google machine yields hundreds of links to in-depth analyses and videos that ponder this very question.  So, obviously, the condition of Herr Drumpenfuhrer’s mental function  has not gone unnoticed.  Here’s an excellent 24-minute video that does an outstanding job of discussing Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) in super-fine detail, and the presenter uses a superb collection of Herr D’s speeches and the Diagnostic and Statistical Journal of Mental Disorders, 5th edition, to substantiate his diagnosis of Drumpf’s mental status.  I highly recommend watching it.  And if watching this video doesn’t bring you to that magic 100% certainty level about Herr D’s malignant psyche, I give you the words of one of the looniest people to have ever trolled the margins of sanity and reason – Deepak Chopra! to prove my point. Seriously, if a known lunatic and a master of obfuscating word salads can openly admit that Drumpf is only workin’ on two cylinders (and they’re clanging), surely we should be able to take some assurances from his revelations.  Deepak’s observations are proof positive that the axiom – it takes one to know one – has never held truer.


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