Today I’m feeling more optimistic than ever

Today is the first day since Herr Dumpfenfuhrer won the general election that I’m starting to feel really optimistic about the near future.  I think it’s only fair that I share my glee with everyone in need of a good shot of optimism.

The events that have transpired over the past couple of days are what have lifted my spirits.

  • The Roosky’s have made it known that they have some very weird stuff on Herr D.  He even alluded that it has something do with his “germaphobia” so I look forward to the Press doing a little more digging on that comment.
  • Herr D’s immediate denial and denunciations of what the Roosky’s say they have on him.  Denials and denunciations of this sort are definite red flags.  To top it all off, he keeps reminding everyone that, “Putin likes him, and that’s a good thing!”  Oh, this is not going to end well.
  • Herr D’s announcement that he clearly intends to see if he can simply ignore the ethical and conflict of interest charges that he faces by not fully disclosing his financial stakes and furthermore believes that he can just “turn everything over” to his kids and his problems will disappear.  Oh man, if he gets away with this, he is Batman.
  • Herr D’s first post-election “news conference.”  I watched every second of it.  I think I burned 3600 calories in laughter.  Seriously now, did anyone really expect to see something else, something perhaps, a little less “Trumpish?”  Really?

It’s becoming crystal clear me that this idiot (as well as his entire “team”) has absolutely no clue about what he’s doing.  None.  Each and every day facts and rumors and Tweets emerge that promise to do nothing but keep him (and his entire regime) ensconced in scandal, conflicts and confusion at every conceivable level, complete chaos, the likes of which we have never experienced in American politics in our lifetime, and that includes the horrible days of “I am not a crook,” Tricky Dickey.

I was so happy to witness the so-called news conference that Herr D held, his first since July of 2016.  I laughed so hard, so many times, that I thought I was going to need to take a couple of Valium to relax my stomach muscle spasms.  Just as I expected, nothing – absolutely nothing – has changed since his “rally days.”  The Orange-Haired Orangutan was just as rambling, flighty and incoherent as he has ever been, maybe even worse.  He still uses the tired, old language of a 5th grader to address the concerns of the Press, his continued fight with American intelligence agencies is getting much worse, the pursuit of policy directions are at odds with those of his own party…  all of this lead me to conclude that only one outcome awaits in Herr Drumpfenfuhrer’s future: catastrophe.  Implosion, crash and burn, total collapse, all resulting from his own lack of diplomatic and governing experience and, of course, his own cosmic-level stupidity all come to mind.

I believe that there is now only one thing left for us to do: keep up the pressure that the Press and our Congressional reps thoroughly pursue and investigate every claim made by his critics (and the Press) and to hold him to account for every asinine thing that he has already committed and is surely to continue committing.  Furthermore, I’m pretty confident that we’re going to have ample opportunities to do this very thing on an almost hourly basis; and the more opportunities that we all have, the greater the chances are that his regime will immediately implode in Constitutional crises.  I’m willing to wager that the OHO’s own Party will have him dragged off the stage by brutes wearing white suits and a white-knuckle grip on their Tasers.  As I’ve expressed in an earlier post, hopefully, the action will all be televised.  I hope to see it on CNN first.

Oh, I nearly forgot, one more thing: we gotta’ make sure that the heretofore mentioned implosion occurs way before the dufas gets access to the country’s nuke codes.  Once that threshold is even briefly transgressed, it’s time to get limber on those deep-waist bends.  It won’t be long before we’re forced to head back north and say our final, “goodbye.”

Maybe we could petition the Prez. to change the combination locks on the suitcase he’ll be carrying with him as he steps into the lube on the Trump Inter-Continental Airmobile©. (formerly known as Air Force One) to take revenge on Mexico for refusing to pay for his stupid wall.
© 2017 Trump Empire


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