“Things will be worse than you can imagine”


In a recent interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, Michael Moore discussed his “5-point plan” to help mitigate the unspeakable horrors that he believes will befall us during the reign of Herr Drumpfenfuhrer.  Point #5 was, at least for me, most notable: “Have a Plan B, because as bad as you think it will be, it’ll be worse.”

Indisputable proof of Moore’s vision was made crystal clear over the past couple of days. First up was the revelation that Herr D had little interest in engaging with his daily national security briefings.  Then came the video of Herr D. publicly yukkin’ it up with a recovering mental patient better known as Kanye West.

Building the perfect storm next comes a major flare-up in the middle-east with a UN resolution unfavorable to a gang of religious extremists that continue to occupy and expand their claim to land that, if surrendered, would practically guarantee a peaceful coexistence with its Arab neighbors.  What does Herr D. do?  Why, of course, he uses his Twitter machine to really muck things up by asking the head of said occupiers to ignore anything uttered by our current Secretary of State on the issue because, well, “January 20 is comin’ soon.”

But what really convinced me that things would really get a whole lot more horrendous than I could ever possibly imagine was Herr D’s recent open and public cavorting with a certified criminally insane person.   And he did this while getting in about as much as he could telling everyone about how great he is, while at the same time taking credit for things in which he played no role whatsoever.

Think what I’m sayin’ can’t possibly be true?  Well, think again, mi amigos.  Just click the image you see above.  Indisputable proof is amply provided.

I hope that we’ll be able formulate a few guerrilla strategies to help the Drumpf reign collapse of its own stupidity, as quickly as possible.  Here’s a few ideas I have:

  • Enable and encourage Drumpf’s Twitter obsession.  Egg him on with Tweets that are likely to encourage more of his absurd reactions that make everyone question his grip on reality. The sooner that everyone comes to the realization that Herr D is special kind of mental patient, the better we all will be.  Period.  If we’re really lucky we’ll soon be able to watch a You-Tube video of Drumpf being carted away from the Oval Office by men in white coats, strong oak canes and rubber batons.
  • Hold Herr D accountable for all of his conflict of interest, nepotism and emolument clause issues.  Action on this front can be instantly fruitful and very harmful to him. Suing on these issues would prevent a Drumpf regime from getting off the ground.  We must insist that our representatives press hard on these issues.  As long as these issues remain unresolved, Drumpf will remain a Constitutionally illegitimate Executive.
  • Demand that your Senators say absolutely freakin’ NO! to every single one of Herr D’s proposed Cabinet and advisory picks.  As Nancy used to say, ask them to “JUST SAY NO!”  This is another serious takeoff delay for the Drumpf flight.  Again, the longer this Luftwaffe jet stays on the ground, the better.  As any child playing with his first BB gun knows, it’s so much easier shooting at a stationary target.

Do you know the mailing addresses, FAX numbers and email addresses of your Congressional reps?  If not, spend a few minutes on the Google machine to find this information.  Once you have the information, use it to communicate your objections about this orange-haired buffoon every opportunity that comes your way.  Hold your reps accountable for any complicity in allowing a lunatic to continue to be the leader of our country.

Reader’s suggestions are encouraged in the comments section.

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