Today’s 4:20 break: Seth Meyers takes a peek at Herr Drumpfenfuhrer’s rise to power

Seth Meyers nailed it with his most recent look at the Drumpf “phenomenon.  All signs ahead look very dodgy.  His presentation below captures it all very well.

Although we can still laugh with him over the obvious absurdity that is the new Drumpf machine, I believe that Herr D represents a real threat to the continued stability of our country, and, yes, I honestly do not believe that I’m being the least bit hyperbolic as I make this admission to you.  This man (and his so-called “team”) are completely unprepared to effect a smooth transition of power.  IMHO, there is no “team” and what poses as one is a motley crew of incompetent, ideological, delusional boobs.  No one with any integrity and experience seems to want to join his so-called “team,” experienced security operatives are fleeing from his “team” as quickly as they could run and disgraced hawkish nutjobs from GW Beanbrain’s era are being welcomed to occupy top national security positions.

As I watched him “purge” his “transition” team and quickly bring on board the nation’s leading white supremacist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi sympathizing nutbag in the country to a top advisory position, I had a small stroke.  The left side of my skull cracked just a wee bit and I felt small droplets seeping out.

When I learned that Herr D was requesting that his son-in-law, Jared, (and, why not for good measure, his kids as well), be granted “top secret security clearances,” I felt my heart enter into a strange arrhythmia.  It has not yet subsided.

Now we’re learning that he really doesn’t prefer living in the White House; he’d rather occupy his gold-lined throne at the top of Trump Tower, look down upon New York and the traffic jams his presence there created and just let his kids manage the White House.

I feel an aneurysm coming on.

Oh this is very bad.

But, on the side of realism, could we really have expected a different result?  Any answer to that rhetorical question other than a resounding NO! is disingenuous at best.  What results can one possibly expect to get after handing the keys to the asylum over to one of its most preeminent inmates?

For added enlightenment, consider visiting a recent piece by Jon Perr over at Crooks and Liars when you’ve finished watching Seth –> Congratulations Trump Voters: Here’s What You’ve Won  It’s superb.

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