You Know This Man

I’ve listened to many people, personal friends as well as nationally respected decipher-ers and analyzers of current events, explain Herr Drumpfenfuhrer’s popularity with a large swath of the American electorate with one very simple word: frustration.  Herr D, they maintain, has attracted so many supporters because “people are fed up with a government that has failed them in so may ways” and they want change.  They want somebody to really “shake things up,” whatever the hell that means.

The “ways” mentioned?  I’ve found that they are fairly well universally the same whenever I hear them articulated: massive loss of jobs to low-wage, off-shore locations, declining incomes, rising healthcare costs, over-regulation (particularly regulations that protect national air and water resources, you know, the things essential to life and posterity), “cultural deterioration” (I put that one in quotes because although it’s frequently mentioned, it carries with it just about any definition the listener whats to attribute to it), religious liberty issues (which really amounts to nothing more than smoke screen demands that the entire country accept and conform to rigid, 2nd-century, mythological explanations about how the world works and how we must all conduct our lives).  The list could go on to fill a few volumes.  These very same people constantly moan and groan about how Congress is “broken” and working against the best interests of the people who elected them when in fact these very same people can be counted on, election cycle after freakin’ election cycle, to elect and re-elect some of the stooooopidest human beings ever to walk on this planet to represent them in Congress.  They purposely and deliberately elect these dolts to be potent naysayers, obstructionists and overall pain-in-the-asses (if not a direct threat) to the very democratic institutions to which they swear to serve.

And now, after spending year after year electing half-witted buffoons to powerful Congressional positions in an attempt to “shake-up the system,” these dingbats are now ready to pull the level for one of the biggest buffoons in the country to do more of the same, if not wrose!

Seriously, how can one reasonably expect to improve their lives (and the lives of their fellow Americans) by deliberately electing to Congress (as well as their State and local civic bodies) pathetic ignoramuses in clown suits like Louie Gohmert, Jack Klingston, Jim Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, Paul LaPage, Sam Brownback, Mike Pence and the rest?  These people are sworn enemies of science and reason (even common sense).  This gang of morans has demonstrated time and again that they have absolutely no respect for democratic, science-based, secular governance and even less respect for the constituencies that they purportedly are elected to represent.  Most have taken a sworn oath to chop, crush and pulverize government into pieces small enough to drown in a bathtub and then flush down the drain.

These Drumpf-cheering idiots have absolutely no right whatsoever to claim frustration or disappointment with anyone or anything other than themselves for the so-called “mess” they claim they’re mired in.  When you elect to office someone who has publicly sworn to offer nothing but obstruction and revenge on “socialist fascists libtards,” you relinquish any right to maintain or complain that things haven’t “worked out for you.”  This is what I call insanity in the first degree, and it’s something that every Drumpf supporter is guilty of in great abundance.

As Keith Olbermann has already skillfully articulated, “you know this man.”  We all know exactly what we’re going to get by electing another giant ignoramus to the highest public office in our country.

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