Drumpf, trade and racism: spotlight – Youngstown, Ohio



By now most of you have heard of Kathy Miller, Herr Drumpfenfuhrer’s campaign chair in Mahoning County, inform listeners that “…. there was no racism and violence in ‘Murika before Obama.”  I found her comments quite amusing given that she lives in Youngstown, OH, infamously known as Bomb Town, USA for at least the past 65 years.

The snippet of video her laying her ignorance and racism bare for anyone to see has been playing non-stop on most cable news channels for the past couple of days.  But it was a very short segment of a 12-minute video presentation.  There’s a whole lot more that Guardian journalists, Paul Lewis and Tom Silverstone, uncovered in their recent short cruise through the area that everyone might want to see.

You can read the Guardian article HERE.  It’s excellent.  Click the photo above to watch this first-in-a-series video.

Kathy Miller is just one of hundreds if not thousands of people who think this way in the Youngstown area.  Just the other day, for example, I stopped at a local fresh veggie vendor’s street tent to buy a few fresh tomatoes.  As I perused the produce, a young white male in his 30s working the stand was eager to tell me about how he was “fed up with freeloaders gaming the system” and “all the welfare people getting SSI.”  Quite authoritatively informed me the SSI (Supplemental Security Income) was going to bankrupt the Social Security system and added, “Obama’s responsible for SSI, you know.” When I replied with, “That’s not true.  SSI’s been a reality for many years and it’s not even funded by the Social Security system,” he immediately interjected with, “Yea, but Obama expanded it.”

Clearly, there’s little chance of reasoning with people who do not value truth, reason or critical thinking and who so easy fall prey to just about any racist, bigoted, fraudulent, bullshitting ignoramus that comes down the pike.  I just smiled and wished him a better day (and silently thanked him for showing me his true colors) as I walked back to my car.


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