Liar and insane person vie for top awards

There are two names that genuinely leave an irritating craw in my colon whenever I hear them mentioned: David Barton and Louie Ghomert.  I would like to nominate each of these twisted dingbats for their outstanding work portraying what can only be called, two of the stooopidest human beings currently alive in this country.

David Barton was recently proven – beyond any shadow of doubt whatsoever – of being a blatant and utterly transparent liar when he claimed (then unclaimed and reclaimed and unclaimed and reclaimed again) to possess an “earned Doctorate” from an accredited university.  His recent claim was immediately (and unarguably) debunked by several watchers of the lunatics trolling the ‘murkin landscape.

What did Barton do in response to the trashing that he’s taken from the sane and reasonable?  He created a video with his three “diplomas” (out of focus) behind him and proclaimed – once and for all – that he indeed has an earned doctorate, and, in fact, possesses weightier academic credentials than just a Ph.D.

In a very short time he removed his video from public access.  I can’t image why. Fortunately, however, the good folks at RWW captured the video before it was removed.  It’s available for anyone, at any time, and for all posterity to see David Barton willfully and deliberately making a complete, unrepentant jackass of himself (advance apologies to farm mules who also bear this unfortunate title).   Click the photo below to witness it for yourself.


Moving on, we have another clear demonstration of what it means to be mentally deranged and still be able to get to work most days without running head-on into the first corner light pole.  Below you’ll find our man Louie Ghomert addressing a gaggle of loons at the recent “Values Voters” summit (an annual FRC event produced for the fungelical crowd and promoted by one of the biggest crooks and hypocrites in evangelical history EVER – Tony Perkins!)

The theme of Ghomert’s address?  You guessed it, Hillary’s mental stability!  OMFGA!  I simply cannot believe that the situation has devolved to such an extent that the certifiably insane would appear (in public, mind you) and be given a mic to cast doubt on the mental stability of a legislator that has accomplished perhaps 10 billion times more in her career that Louie could even imagine accomplishing in a rare nanosecond of mental clarity that he may have, in some distant time in the past, experienced.


How in the world do these two mush brain dolts remain active in our culture as anything other than first-rate examples of laughable fools is a total mystery to me.  Louie continues to get re-elected by his 1st district Texas constituents and Barton regularly gets quoted by dozens of Congress members as well as the cast of Faux News to shore-up their assertion that ‘Murka’s an x-tian nation and that gawd created this great country for x-tian soldiers to spread the good news.

These are truly astounding times.

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3 Responses to Liar and insane person vie for top awards

  1. The Most Recently Formerly Rev. Rick Fowler says:

    You must be one of those anti-establishment people who don’t rise for the national anthem. Everyone knows that “Murkin” is spelled with a capital M.You rotten Commie rat-bastid.

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