CFI Monthly Lecture Meeting!: 6/22/2016 at First Unitarian Church

Where: First Unitarian Church (605 Morewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213)

When: 6/22/2016

RSVP at:

Center for Inquiry – Pittsburgh (formerly PSF)

Welcome to CFI’s monthly lecture night series!

This month’s speaker is Barbara Mancini, a nurse from Eastern Pennsylvania, with a frightening story. In 2013, Barbara Mancini was arrested and prosecuted in Pennsylvania on the charge of aiding the attempted suicide of her dying 93-year-old father after handing him his prescribed morphine. A hospice
nurse and police authorities ignored his written advance directives, and he was hospitalized and treated in defiance of his end-of-life wishes. Her case garnered national attention and was roundly criticized
throughout the media. A judge dismissed the case due to “a lack of competent evidence.” Her case was featured on TV’s 60 Minutes and National Public Radio. She has traveled the country speaking about her experiences, and has become a vocal advocate for honoring wishes, improving care and expanding options at the end of life, including medical aid-in-dying. She has testified at legislative committee hearings, authored opinion editorials, appeared on radio and television interviews, participated in panel
discussions, and spoken to a wide array of audiences. This talk should prove to be quite the eye opener.

If you have speaker suggestions and/or ideas that are in keeping with our mission, please feel free to email your suggestions to

See you there!

P.S. We usually head to Ali Baba’s on nearby Craig Street around 5:15 p.m. for a pre-lecture dinner. Please leave a comment below if you are coming to dinner so we can include you in the reservation. Thanks!

To learn about all the secular groups in Pittsburgh, visit the Pittsburgh Coalition of Reason website…and you can follow Pittsburgh Secular Freethinkers and CFI on Facebook!

*CFI-Pittsburgh strives to be an ADA compliant organization. Please email to request accommodations.

Wednesday, June 22 at 7:00 PM


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