Giddy with joy

I must admit for all to know that I am positively giddy with joy with the ongoing Donald J. Drumpfenfurher presidential campaign, and, after I explain why I feel so giddy, I hope that my joy becomes contagious.

First, a word about the candidate. Here’s the clear-eyed fact: In Donald J. Trump we have, what has got to be, one of the stupidest human beings to have ever gotten involved in politics at any time since the landing of the Pilgrims.  I defy anyone to say that this nutbag is not at least ten times dumber than Dan Quayle and George Wallace combined.

In one man we’re able to watch – in real time, mind you – precisely what the definitions are to the words misogynist, racist, bigot, homophobe, fear monger and xenophobe, not to mention, of course, all around clueless idiot.

Herr Drumpfenfurher obsessively engages in Twittering and appears daily on cable news shows to dig himself in ever deeper holes and dooms any real chance he has of gathering any votes besides those of Joe the Plummer, David Duke, the KKK, the Aryan Nations, Bill O’Lielly and Jeff Sessions.  Literally every one of his potential Rethuglican supporters are now “distancing” themselves from the moron’s daily insane pronouncements, rants and ridiculous tirades.

Herr D. has alienated women voters, Hispanic voters, young voters, Muslim voters, people of color, veterans and the physically disabled, just to mention a few groups.  And he’s not through yet; everyday he awakens we can, with a greater than 50% probability, expect him to insult a new group of potential voters and send them scurrying either away from the polls altogether or directly into Hillary Clinton’s lap.  And when the Clinton/Obama/DNC apparatus gets finished with him we may very well watch the evening news one day to see Herr D. actually being physically carted off to a safe, rubber-lined room.

Just today at one of his insane campaign rallies in Atlanta he told his Rethuglican critics (who have asked his to “tone it down”) to “shut up and get behind him” and that if they were unwilling to do so, that he would “just do it himself,” whatever the hell that means.

There’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever from my perspective that the orange-haired dingbat is on an ultra-winding super highway to self-destruction, going 95mph, and without brakes!  We all know that an enormous collision of some sort is just around the next bend and we just can’t wait to see his car burst into flames when it hits the inevitable tree growing too close to the road.  I mean, come on, you’ve got to admit, this is some incredible stuff.  It is not likely to come around for our viewing entertainment ever again.  It’s a once in a dozen lifetimes opportunity to watch a nutcase kill, not only himself, but the very party that allowed the bumbling idiot to infiltrate their ranks in the first place.  By the time November comes rollin’ around, this moron may very well have doomed many down-ballot tickets, if not the entire Rethuglican Party,

Seriously, does it get any better than this?  The prospect of the Rethugs going down in flames because of what Herr D has been doing in their name for nearly two years brings tears of joy to my eyes.  It’s the ultimate schadenfreude one could ever experience.

BTW: Herr D always reminds me of some of the funniest characters in comic history, people like Archie Bunker and yes, particularly his predecessor, Floyd R. Turbo.  For the younger readers of this blog who may not have had the pleasure of knowing Floyd, I include the below video link for your viewing pleasure.  I swear, after watching this presentation you’ll never be able to get Floyd out of your mind every time you witness Herr D in action.

Floyd R Turbo


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