Today’s 4:20 break

Just as I was hoping that the stooopid might be running out of steam, one of the nation’s top nutbags stepped-up to save the day.  This raises the bar to heights we thought were already beyond reach.

Perhaps it’s about time to write Gohmert and ask that he immediately begin Congressional proceedings to defund and dismantle NASA and our participation in the ISS unless wording is adopted in all federal funding plans that prohibit gay colonization of the Universe.  I’ll get a draft resolution going for him.  My hunch is, he’ll take the bait.

My hopes right now are that Herr Drumpfenfurher will see this Congressional presentation and resolve to reclaim his higher throne.  I’m pretty confident that we won’t have to wait too long.


About Rev. El Mundo

Mocker of superstition and woo.
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