Today’s 4:20 break: Sex ed, ‘bama style

It was gloomy and chilly when I awoke this morning and a short peek at the weather forecast failed to brighten my hopes of experiencing a single ray of sunshine the entire day. I was about ready to resign myself to slugging around wearing a jacket and dodging pellets of rain as I tried wrapping up a small patio project that I began a few days ago.  That’s when I discovered the sex ed presentation of an Alabama “preacher” that you’ll find embedded below.

If you’re finding yourself in the slightest doldrums today, here’s your chance to lift your spirits to heights you’re not likely to experience any time soon.

The video presentation is 10 minutes long and chuck full of positively fantastic stuff.  At times I found it difficult to decide which part to replay the most.  Pay special attention to a couple of different segments of his address though.  At minute 3:50 he talks about the dangers sex poses to young people.  Scary stuff, he warns them.  It’s as powerful as “cocaine” or “any of the other stuff out there” and it will get you hooked and twisted.  At 5:50 he talks about the consequences of “show ‘n tell” if sex ed classes are offered in public schools.  I promise you, you’ll have to pause for a good while after hearing these comments in order to regain control of your violently spastic stomach and your senses.

Surely some of the readers here will recall the episode of “All in the Family” that had Archie Bunker talking about gun control and solving the crime problem and how it made you laugh so hard that you had to take triple your usual 4:20 dosage to calm down just a little bit.  Well, I think the preacher’s sex ed advise that you’re about to witness may actually outdo that experience.

Strap yourself in your chair.  Look away from the monitor if you feel a need to sip a drink while watching.  Do not turn back until you’ve swallowed and can feel it heading well on its way south.  Better yet, if you feel a need for a sip, press pause, do your thing, wait a few seconds and then continue watching.  Yup, that’s definitely the safest strategy.

bama preacher on sex


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