tRump’s 30%ers explained

We’re recently learning a lot more about Senior Windbag’s (aka tRump’s) unfavorable ratings among large segments of the general electorate.  He seems to be fairly well despised by just about everyone in the country except racists, bigots, neo-Nazi stormtroopers and just your average dumbass.

I couldn’t be happier to learn the recent findings.  Clearly, this places the future of his candidacy in serious jeopardy.  I can’t wait to see how he tries to dig himself out of the giant hole that he has personally dug for himself.  Whatever he does, I’m confident that the hole will only get deeper, and ultimately begin filling up with water, hopefully water that’s been fracktified to toxic levels by one of his own well investments.

His huge unfavorable rating with female voters was astronomical – 70%!  How can it be possible to have 70% of 51% of the electorate think that you’re a moron and still have any hope whatsoever for success in getting the vote of this segment of the electorate this coming November?  Only a total nutbag would fail understand that stat.  Oh yea, that’s right, for a nanosecond I nearly forgot who we’re dealing’ with here.  Mea culpa.

Upon learning that 70% of the female electorate looked upon Mr. Nutcase very unfavorably, I immediately wondered, why isn’t it 100%, or at least 99.9%?  What this stat actually said to me was that, paralleling the stats for other groups, there were still a fairly large segment of that group that either have a favorable opinion of The Idiot or who are simply walking about town in a daze, and have never heard of Mr. I’m gonna’ make America Great Again.  In the case of women, it’s a whopping 30%!  Holy moly!

Sooooooo, I headed out in search of an explanation (or two) and believe that I may have found the most encompassing explanation available.  I’m actually tempted to call it the Theory of Everything regarding anyone’s support of our national embarrassment.

The video below explains everything you need to know about the 30%ers that do support and rally behind who we all know is probably one of the most ridiculous individuals to have every pursued a presidential candidacy.  Yea, you’re right, Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, Mike Huckleberry, Ben Carson, et. al. rank right up there all right but you gotta’admit, Clueless Donald has managed to carve out a space that only he could occupy.



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