Iowa Holds Its Caucus

Pretty much everyone who knows me knows that I have a penchant for referring to believers, especially fundagelicals, as “delusionals”. I use that both as a pejorative and a descriptor – displaying my utter contempt for the lack of rationality in their beliefs while accurately describing the basis for their mythology-based worldview.

This past Monday evening, the reasonableness of my position was validated by the Republican caucus results in Iowa – Ted Cruz received the largest plurality of votes among the entire slate of candidates. So considering that conservative delusionals make up 63% of the Rethuglican party electorate, they truly earned their “delusional” plaudits. Even with three other rabidly religious candidates in the race, the voters chose the meanest, most implacably hateful one of the bunch. Fortunately, Iowa only has a 43% record of correctly choosing the Republican candidate

Yeah, I know, Trump spouts some pretty hateful nonsense, too, maybe as much as Cruz. And he finished second, so that just goes to show that these voters like viciously mean-spirited candidates. But to be honest, I don’t think The Donald believes any of it. I think he is a shameless and intuitively brilliant self-promoter who knows how to manipulate a particular segment of the populace and does so very effectively. Fortunately, his appeal is fairly limited, so I don’t think there is any likelihood that he will be the Rethuglican candidate, but even if by some fluke he were to wind up being elected, I don’t think he would govern in any way close to the blather that he spouts on the campaign trail.

I think Cruz, on the other hand, believes all of the hateful rhetoric that he spouts and would be a complete disaster for the country. He has already admitted that his delusional fairy tales take precedence over the good of the nation, and that alone should make any rational person reject him out of hand. And a Cruz presidency (Ugh! I shiver just to think of it.) would not only destroy our standing in the world, but would also destroy the entire social fabric of this country.

In a way, though, I think that a Cruz candidacy might be a good thing for the Democrats, because I have enough faith in the overall American electorate that he would not win. I like to think that enough people would recognize him for what he is and vote against him. And perhaps destroy the Republican party as it is currently constituted in its teavangelical configuration. Then again, my faith may be misplaced and I could be wrong. (There was that time that I thought I had made a mistake. LOL)

There is also a part of me that would like to see a Cruz-Sanders election. Just think how revealing that would be about the American psyche. Do we as a people want to become a more refined, more civilized and humane society or do we want to devolve into a kill or be killed, every man (I’m using the term in a non-gender specific way) for himself theocracy? Of course the problem with that scenario playing out is that it is quite risky. But it would be interesting. Maybe afterward, we could banish all the states that voted for Cruz to a new country. Maybe call it The United States of Willful Ignorance.

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3 Responses to Iowa Holds Its Caucus

  1. Zeus says:

    I’m of the belief that right now the reds have so much dissension within their ranks, that any one of the players on their bench are simply put, un-electable, making this election all about the winner on the blue side.

    • The Militant One says:

      I like to think that you are correct, but I have a deathly fear that Rubio will win the nomination. He is as bat-shit crazy as Cruz, but could conceivably be a candidate that the various factions currently duking it out could rally around. And if Hilary is the nominee on the blue side, and generates a lot of apathy on that side, he could win.

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