A Major Announcement From The Center For Inquiry

As many of you are probably aware, CFI’s president and CEO Ron Lindsay announced earlier last year that he was stepping down at the end of the year. This was to allow the Board of Directors enough time to launch a search for a replacement.

The announcement was made today that a successor had been found and was taking the helm beginning Monday, January 25th. The new CEO is Robyn Blumner. Her qualifications and experience are quite extensive, being a lawyer, experienced activist, journalist, and non-profit executive, including leading a chapter of the ACLU.

Not only that, but as some of you may know, she has been the executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation. And that leads us to the truly special part of today’s announcement – not only is CFI getting a talented and experienced CEO, but the two organizations themselves are merging.

This is of course a natural fit since both organizations are primarily committed to fighting the forces of irrationality and superstition in the public square and, more importantly, in the formulation and promulgation of Public Policy. The resulting synergy can only be a good thing for the advancement of rationality and civilization as a whole.

The new combined organization will operate under the CFI name and be headquartered in Amherst, NY. CFI will still maintain a significance presence in the Washington, DC area. This is also where Robyn Blumner will continue to be based.

An FAQ about the merger can be found here.

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