Stay Spiritual Radio Interview

Hank Baughman, former WPXI-TV news anchor, has been running a Sunday morning radio program on WCNS called ‘Stay Spiritual’ where he talks “about spirituality from both religious and non-religious perspectives.” This past Sunday he interviewed one of our own members about atheism and the paranormal. You can listen the show in its entirety at this link.


Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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1 Response to Stay Spiritual Radio Interview

  1. Steve did an excellent job attempting to de-woo a person steeped in it.

    I think the interview was an excellent example of how terribly difficult a challenge that is. In almost every respect it’s clear that the task is as difficult as trying to convince a believer that prayers and praying are worthless activities, if the anticipated result is thought to be anything other than a palliative effect on the petitioner. Another relevant comparison would be trying to convince a homeopathic practitioner that the remedies and health improvements that they perceive as real are fully explained by the placebo effect.

    When Hank discussed an alleged paranormal experience of his in-laws when he was involved in an auto accident, committed himself to a thoroughly debunked body-mind duality, confessed his disdain for materialism and then had the unmitigated gall to poo-poo the Amazing Randy’s long-standing (and successful) effort to debunk the paranormal, he laid all of his cards on the table. He made it very clear throughout the interview that it was gonna’ be a tough haul for science, reason and logic.

    On the woo continuum, however, Hank is probably still in the safe zone, even if he is skirting its far edge; when he starts to openly wonder if ancient aliens may have planted the seeds of our civilization or if the moon landings were staged Hollywood events or if Nostradamus’ predictions are finally being realized, then we probably should start paying a little more attention.

    I loved his ending remark: “I hope you’ll join me again next week…. until you do, stay spiritual!” OMG! After 29 minutes of a reasoned conversation casting enormous doubt on belief in things paranormal and the numinous, he encourages his listeners to “stay spiritual!” Fantastic!

    There was one thing I did enjoy though: Hank has really mastered the Ted Koppel thing. His voice is reminiscent of Koppel’s and even his photo bears a striking resemblance. I was amazed. Check it out:

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