Obama and Science

In an emotional speech today about the need for greater gun control by President Obama, there was one argument that stood out from the rest:

With more research we could further improve gun safety just as with more research we’ve reduced traffic fatalities enormously over the last 30 years. We do research when cars, food, medicine, even toys harm people so that we make them safer. And you know what, research, science, those are good things. They work.

They do. But think about this. When it comes to an inherently deadly weapon, nobody argues that guns are potentially deadly. Weapons that kill tens of thousands of Americans every year, Congress actually voted to make it harder for public health experts to conduct research into gun violence, Made it harder to collect data and facts and develop strategies to reduce gun violence. Even after San Bernardino, they refused to make it harder for terror suspects, who can’t get on a plane, to buy semiautomatic weapons. That’s not right.

That can’t be right. So the gun lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now but they can’t hold America hostage.

Yes.  Research, science, data.  We need more.  We need to foster scientific thinking.  As Adam Savage said at the 2012 Reason Rally, facts and beliefs are not be confused.



About SamStone

A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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1 Response to Obama and Science

  1. “We need to foster scientific thinking.” Without question, that’s true.
    My ever-present torment, however, has been trying to understand how we can possibly get from point A (blank slate) to point B (critical thinker) by raising children steeped in magic and superstition. Once their little brains are sufficiently infected with this medieval virus, the only game in town is the never-ending struggle to contain its wider social consequences.
    The denial and defunding of reproductive health care opportunities for 51% of the population
    Calls to defund public education in favor of christian madrases
    Climate change denialism
    Science skepticism and general distrust of “intellectuals”
    Calls to defund and dismantle the EPA
    The existence of departments of faith-based initiatives
    Poverty, poor health, drug addiction
    Lunatic gun laws
    Lunatic political figures

    The last one rallying everyone to support all of the above.

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