Today’s 4:20 break

Digital and print media across the nation are hyping Mother Theresa’s movement toward “sainthood.”  Apparently everyone was waiting for the second miracle to be announced and, sure enough, Poop Francis announced today that a dead person, er I mean the dead person’s spirit, has come forth to announce that he was cured of several brain tumors in 2008 after his local shaman, er, I mean priest, prayed to Theresa for his cure.

Magnifico!  Fantastico!  Increible’!

But many have already forgotten about the first miracle that put Theresa on the fast track to all-out sainthood.  Rev. El to the rescue.  Thanks to a posting at WEIT by Pliny the in Between we have evidence of the first miracle.

First miracle




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1 Response to Today’s 4:20 break

  1. Glorianne Leck says:

    What an insult to real “saintly” people who provide medical services and comfort to the informed.

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