The real face of “free market,” de-regulated capitalism

You’ve heard it a billion times already…. so many times that you’re almost ready to punch the lights out on the morons who repeat it like a religious mantra.

“Business needs less gubment regulation!  We gotta’ get the gubment off our backs!.  Gubment’s killin’ job opportunites!   Gubment’s killin’ our freedom!”

Here’s a few shots to remind everyone what “free market,” de-regulated capitalism really looks like up close and personal.

This is precisely what our country would look like in a few short years if ANY of the buffoons on the Rethuglican team somehow manage to get the keys to the Oval Office.

There should be a new international war crimes committee established just to deal with the morons who would dare do things like this to the natural environment.  Call it the “Egregious Crimes Against Nature Court.”  Its main purpose would be to declare all out war on any country who dared to stoop this low.

Care to see more?  LINK.


This and the shot below are what life in LA would be like today without the EPA and tough standards set by progressive (read: reality-based) California legislators.



Here’s what you probably witness happening on a daily basis at an isolated Lake Erie fishing boat ramp if the frackers at Exxon-Mobile had their way.


And this is the experience your kids would have on their first fishing adventure to Ashtabula!


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