Bernie Sanders at Georgetown University

Despite the fact that I probably consume more than 8 hours of political news every waking day, I was totally unaware of an incredibly exciting speech given recently by Bernie Sanders at Georgetown University.  I can’t recall seeing even one of the pundits on the news channels that I watch give any time at all to this speech.  It seems that all of them have become obsessed on endlessly replaying the inanities of the nation’s head carnival barker….. and all those who work diligently to outbark the buffoon.

That was, until this morning.

Thanks to a link provided by John Loftus at Debunking Christianity I watched him while swilling my first two mugs of Dark French roast the very first thing after climbing out of my crib.

The speech was one hour and seven minutes long.  Lengthy yes, but incredibly informative and very powerful.  It was so good and so intense that the time literally flew by.  It felt like I had been watching for only 30-minutes.

I strongly encourage everyone to hear this address….. and to pass this link on to friends and family so that they could hear it too.  It just may change everything you talk about while carving-up that T-Day turkey over at Aunt Martha’s place this year.

Bernie Sanders-Georgeton address

Bernie Sanders at Georgetown University

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