How can you tell when you’ve officially landed in BizarroLand?

I find myself frequently pondering this question.  Sometimes I’m at a complete loss to answer it.  But this morning was totally different.  The evidence was abundant for even a chimpanzee to comprehend it.

Opening the morning newspaper I found this:
BizarroLandThat’s right, in BizarroLand, if the Post Office delivers your absentee ballot to the County Board of Elections without a postmark, well, you’re screwed.

Perhaps more shocking is that even a moron could easily realize that since there were nearly 900 ballots delivered without a postmark, the chances are very good that the problem was somehow related to the Post Office, not voters.  Which leads me to further ponder, who’s behind the wheel at the Summit County BOE?

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in the BOE office when the votes were being tallied.  I’m pretty confident I would have heard something like this:

Head vote counter: Chairman, we have received nearly 900 absentee ballots without a postmark.

Chairman: Oh, really.  Oh well, no problem.  Don’t count those votes.  Case closed.

Vote counter: Okie-dokie.  Will do.

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