The Paris Bombing – and the ‘murikan clown bus reaction

With great interest I’ve been watching the reporting of the recent Paris moron attack by the American TV media and have waited with heightened interest to hear the reactions of the clown bus riders, particularly those of Trump, Cruz and Carson.  I want to tell ya folks, I have not been disappointed.

In fact, to my astonishment, some of the reactions that I’ve heard have just been spectacular!  Trump came right out and said that everything would have turned out a whole lot different if the concert goers, the footballers, the boozers and the diners at all of those foo-foo bistros – wait for it, here it comes – HAD GUNS!  The brainless surgeon, Joe McCarthy Jr. and Jeb! all seem to agree that this was an attempt by ISIS to destroy western civilization.  I haven’t yet heard what the other nutjobs are sayin’ but I think it’s going to be tough toppin’ the explanations given by the top four loony tunes.

I must admit, however, that I’m 100% in agreement with Trump’s perspective; things would have been really different indeed; instead of just 129 dead and 352 wounded (many critically), there would probably have been around 1129 dead and 3000 wounded.  So, if more mayhem, death, destruction and misery is the ultimate solution to the problem, The Donald is spot-on correct in his analysis.

And if the other bozos really believe that this act was proof of an attack on western civilization, well, I’m pretty confident that it has got to be one of the most lame attempts that one could possibly imagine, and therefore not a realistic explanation for this act of butchery at all.  What will they do next in their quest to wipe out western civilization, attack Disney World?

Honestly, listening to these idiots spew their inanities in public is starting to hurt my brain.  And watching their supporters cheer them on is starting to take a toll on my anti-depression medication.

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2 Responses to The Paris Bombing – and the ‘murikan clown bus reaction

  1. Paul Victor says:

    there seems to be plenty of room Inside Trump’s perfect coiffe to conceal a handgun, and just enough space Inside his brain to hide a very small pea

    • Yes, he’s quite an embarrassment indeed, at least he is to sane people.

      But an even bigger embarrassment is the number of people in this country who firmly believe that this carnival barker is mentally equipped to handle anything except carnival barking.

      I’ve watched a gazzilion videos featuring Trump giving stump speeches to his moron followers. And I’ve given special attention to the crowd standing behind him holding his promotional signs and cheering him on. Honestly, I’m speechless. Oh, dear gwad, they’re credulity, simple-mindedness willful ignorance, destructiveness and general stupidity is simply frightening.

      These people will vote next November….. if their level of moronacy hasn’t wiped us all out first.

      It’s really unfortunate, but large segments of the American population are simply ill-equipped for experiencing life in a democracy. They are much better suited for living in a fascist dictatorship where they are told what’s up, what’s down and why they must repent daily for their transgressions against an imagined dictator who lives somewhere “up there.” This kind of life is so much easier for them because it frees-up a whole lot more time to focus on things that are very important to them: like posting casserole recipes on their Facebook page or supporting Klansmen in Georgia or and makin’ sure everybody’s using their wee-wees and tu-tus the way their imaginary dictator demands

      Idiots. That’s Trump’s, Carson’s, Jindal’s……. naw, that’s the entire gang of whackjobs who would support ANYONE riding on the GOP clown bus.

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