Today’s 4:20 break: Bill Maher – The Mass Delusion

This 2010, 14-minute presentation of Bill Maher on the obvious inanity of god and demon belief was one of his best ever.  Bill manages to accomplish (in a mere 14 minutes, mind you) what some of the greatest thinkers and writers have been struggling to do for centuries.

A snippet:
“To really understand how whacked religion is, you have to look at the new religions…. which for this country is Mormons and Scientologists…. who I think should merge and make Mormontology.   Scientology, for example, claims that the Earth was populated 12 trillion years ago by a galactic warrior named Xenu who was looking to depopulate his planet so he took all the souls and buried them in volcanoes here on Earth and later blew them up with atom bombs.……..   Now….. if someone tells you this story….. the only logical response is to say, “Well, I guess anything’s possible,” and then back away while remaining calm and dialing 911 in your pocket.”

It’s this kind of analysis that needs to be expressed to the proponents in any public debate who defend religious nonsense of any kind.  This analysis, in all fairness and by any standard of reasoned discourse, is the only logical response to the claims made by the wide variety of religious nutbags roaming the airwaves today without a straight jacket.

Yup, you’re in for a rare treat today.  Grab a steaming hot cappuccino and strap yourself in. I promise you: it’s going to be a nice ride!  You’ll be chucklin’ for the rest of the day.

Bill Mahaer2010

Bill Maher

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