Chris Christie is a world-class con artist…..

…… and his supporters are world-class suckers.

The ultimate proof for my assertions became clearly evident when he gave his now famous “my heart bleeds for the “afflicted and addicted” harangue.  His “emotional plea,” as so many have described it, has now been viewed by nearly 6 million people (and probably downloaded by at least a third).

I was barely able to watch it once without feeling my throat choking closed with bile.

His performance was only that, a performance.  He actually might have outperformed anything that The Donald could have mustered on his best day.

Why do I say that?  Simple.  This man’s life-long record on social justice issues is dismal, bleak.  He has, every step of the way, in typical Rethuglican fashion, helped rob New Jersey of the resources needed to create a better life for themselves (fight the scourges of poverty, ignorance, addiction, joblessness, etc.) by skillfully handing those resources over to the billionaire class of which he is a defender and member.

In typical, Rethuglican fashion this man is hog washing his supporters by sorrowfully (nay, near tearfully) lamenting the very problems that he and his cronies have, in great part, been responsible for creating.

I’ll never forget the day that this transparent hypocrite became New Jersey’s Governor after convincing the majority of its citizens that the time had finally come for everyone to “tighten their belts” because, well, it’s really scary folks, but New Jersey is “running out of money.”  But what was the very first thing that this lying, hypocritical, self-serving jackass do after taking the oath of office?  Most may have already forgotten by now so allow me to remind everyone because what he did was one of the most thoroughly disgusting things I’ve witnessed yet by a so-called “conservative,” and it shows the real character of this con artist: he had his staff drive out to a baseball diamond where his daughter was playing a softball game and park a giant black limo in anticipation of his arrival.  And how did he later arrive?  In nothing less than in the grandest of styles – in a taxpayer-paid Sheriff’s helicopter!  After talking a few rounds of applause from a drooling audience and warmly hugging his daughter, he then took a 100’ walk back to the waiting limo where his State-paid chauffeur was holding an opened door, got in, waved goodbye (ala Maharisi Mahesh yogi) and drove away.

This performance showed the real Chris Christie’s idea of “belt tightening,” compassion and his sincere devotion to bettering the lives of those who live in New Jersey.

Given this man’s girth and penchant for lavish living I’m astounded to learn that he is even able to utter the words, “belt tightening” with a straight face, which, by itself, indicates that the con artist is probably also a sociopath.

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