Yesterday’s Rethuglican Prez. Debate – a review

Last night’s Rethuglican Prez. debates in Colorado were simply the best.  I was literally at the edge of the couch every second of the debate waiting with the greatest anticipation to hear the next ridiculous, stupid and pathetic response to every panelist’s question.  I was never disappointed.

I honestly couldn’t believe my good luck.  I laughed so hard after each response that I nearly severed an old and completely healed stitch in my groin.  Seriously, this debate was better than any Seinfeld episode ever produced!

There were so many great responses that I had a little trouble deciding which response floated to the top of the heap.  But Ben Carson really surprised me.  He definitively got my loudest laughs.  Holy mackerel!  His responses were so absurd and ridiculous that I began to wonder if he had rehearsed them with the cast of Green Acres.  His finest moment came when he was asked about his close involvement with a discredited snake oil producer called Mannatech.  Carson not only provided a thoroughly bogus explanation to Carl Quintanilla’s inquiry, he outright lied about his involvement and blamed everything (including Quintanilla’s questioning) on the mainstream media’s spreading of “propaganda!”

Oh man, when he finished his explanation I thought I was going to wet myself!  His response just couldn’t get any better than that.  It was positively flawless.

Fortunately for everyone, John Amato captured the moment for endless replay.  Click the photo below to watch whenever you’re in need of a hearty laugh.

Be sure to take notice of the reaction of the audience.  They actually expressed their extreme displeasure, not with the fact that the moron was exposed and shown lying about his involvement, but with Quintanilla’s question!  WOW!  The response of the audience tells you a lot about the people who support this moron.

I hope and pray that other moderators in future debates ask Carson the same question.

One thing is certain: When the time comes for me to undergo brain surgery (and my wife claims that it’s comin’ soon) the sight of this bozo standing above me will trigger an instant death from fright.

carson in Colorado

PS.  There’s seven more “debates” comin’.  This should make everyone so happy.  By the time these idiots finish soiling themselves, the American electorate will have had ample opportunity to see just how crazy all of these lunatics really are.

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