A Bad Week For Decent People

This past week was a depressing week for any rational person who cares about the human condition. Mixed in among the usual cases of delusionals exerting their christian privilege to make life unpleasant for rational people, there were three exceptionally bad instances of christian bigotry.
One was the news that some sadistic, bigoted, christian (apologies for the redundancy) lawyer in California was trying to get an initiative on the ballot making it legal for anyone to execute gays or lesbians by a bullet to the head – just for being gay. Now I realize that this thing has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting on the ballot since he needs to have over 365,000 registered voters as signatories to the petition, although there are an awful lot of christians in California so it’s just possible that this piece of garbage could find enough people who are just as evil as he is. (Btw, for anybody keeping tabs on potential christian terrorists and wannabe murderers, this guy’s name is Matt McLaughlin and he lives in Huntingdon Beach.)
A second worse-than-usual thing involved Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the D*ck Dynasty gang of yahoos and well known for his delusions. At a prayer breakfast this past week, he related an apparently favorite fantasy of his wherein he invades an atheist family’s home, ties up the father, and rapes and tortures the mother and daughters in front of the helpless man, and then tortures and castrates him. (I find it very telling that whenever christians fantasize about hurting atheists, it almost invariably involves extreme sexual violence. Remember all the threats of sexual violence that Jessica Ahlquist received from the loving christians in Rhode Island? And Mikey Weinstein and his family?) I wonder how often this asshole gets off on that sick fantasy. Maybe he’s just a sick fuck and fantasizes about engaging in extreme sexual violence on anybody he doesn’t like, atheist or not.
And finally, there’s Indiana. This past Thursday, Governor Mike Pence signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act – in reality the “Legalize Bigotry Act”. Of course, the conservative spinmeisters are putting on the full court press to try and deny that it is any such thing because the backlash and outcry has been much stronger than anticipated. The spin is that it doesn’t really allow all of what it says it does and besides loving christians would never use the law to hurt people. Yeah, right. Using christian privelege to push people on a regular basis around is a well documented behavior. Anybody who has invested even the most minimum diligence researching church state violations by delusionals can find at least five or six of them every day. Lying to/abusing people for Jesus is a favorite pastime of the more rabid delusionals. And now, in Indiana, they have a government license to do so.

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  1. We all weep as you do.

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