How the moron virus is spread, part II


I have the distinct feeling that there are likely to be many more parts to this series.  It makes an ugly appearance almost every day in my local newspaper (I dare not even provide a link for fear that just reading it digitally might damage a few of your brain cells) and has recently reared its ugly head on a popular national morning talk show.

Viewers of MSNBC’s Mika and Joe Mornings Morons Show, aka Morning Blow (err, I mean Morning Joe), is I place I can predict, with a very high degree of certainty, that something completely moronic will be offered up by the chief blowhard himself.  If not him then something is sure to come from the pie hole of his sappy, half-baked sidekick, the Meekster or the cowardice buffoons who drop by each morning to cheer the head morons on.

Such was the case a couple of days ago when idiot Joe shared what he thought were his mature and sophisticated intellectualizations about the deity he worships and why the Prez’s “National Prayer Breakfast” remarks about the historical brutality visited upon humanity by the “faith” of most of the people in the audience that day were completely unfounded, unjustified, untrue, rude and just plain obnoxious!

How dare Obama stoop so low, he said, as to compare the history of the flock he’s a member of to the insane nutbags currently lappin’ at the doors of Alepo and Baghdad.  Joe claimed, in the most disgustingly immature fashion possible (oh, you’ve just got to witness his whinin’ and cryin’ to believe it), that one would “have to go back more than 800 years” to find some stupid, picayune thing (yea, he’s talkin’ about the Crusades) in order to compare it with the insane antics of ISIL!  He was so pissed about Obama making this comparison that I think he may have actually blown a head gasket.   The Meekster and the three onlookers at the table were positively astounded at Joe’s behavior and tried their very best to drag the asshole off the ledge…..but, of course, failed.  In the end, they actually became enablers of Joe’s ignorance and stupidity and helped spread the moron virus he was carrying throughout doctors waiting rooms, airports boarding areas, coffee klatches and hotel lobbies in the entire nation.

You see, this is the kind of pure bovine excrement that creeps into the national consciousness just as easily as the slime coming forth from the likes of Rush Limpbrain, Michael Savage and Alex Jones but because these idiots claim to be “defending” a delusion that they mostly share, suddenly they become respectable voices of the sane and reasonable.

My gawd, how much effort does it take to learn a few facts about the colonization of the Americas to know that Columbus, Cortez, Pizarro and the rest of the boys to follow were little more than murderous thugs who were interested in nothing more than the gold they could find and the natural treasures they could steal, human beings included.  Each of these good Christian men insisted that Jesuits tag along to deliver the “good news” to the little brown people they encountered.  The good news was really straightforward: it’s time to get down on your knees and kiss your ass goodbye ‘cause in the name of their god and their king they were being compelled, by steel and germs, to give up everything they had ever known, including their own lives.

How much effort does it take these days to recall the times when so-called gawd fearin’ Christian men donned white hoods and set out every knight to terrorize a race of people just for being the color that they were?  How much effort and educational time does it take to know what transpired in this nation to the native population when the likes of Andrew Jackson came up with his final solution, known today as the “Trail of Tears.”  Just as a Jesuit priest administered the last rights to Atahualpa as Pizarro ordered his capos to ratchet-up the garret wrapped around Atahualpa’s neck, I’m confident that the good Presbyterian Jackson had a number of his bible thumpin’ preacher idiots readin’ bibble verses to the thousands who were about to drop dead from exhaustion, exposure, disease, thirst and hunger as they were driven from their ancestral homelands to “Indian Territory” west of the Mississippi, all of it done, of course, in the name of one of the greatest land grabs ever attempted in this country, a land grab I might add in which Jackson himself held an enormous stake.  This ugly tale transpired a mere 185 years ago!

Burning “witches,” impaling, hanging and drowning “heathens” and “blasphemers” by the millions wasn’t enough for the good Christians of the day.  They also found it necessary to ban and burn their books, expel (under threat of death) their countrymen from their homes, imprison them in dungeons for indeterminate periods and force them to undergo the most gruesome tortures in hopes of hearing their confessions of heathenism were common occurrences the world over a mere 200 years ago, and right here in the good old USA too!

And what of the good Christians today who would stand outside of a woman’s health clinic to harangue her about her private reproductive health needs?  No, how stupid of me to think that these women have rights that far exceeded the rights of delusional jackasses that would block her path to the doctor’s door all in the name of what they believe is the soul of a zygote.  Na, there’s nothing weird goin’ on there at all folks.  It’s the “word” of their god that they’re enforcin’, so just get the hell out of the way or face the inevitable consequences of their irrational and murderous impulses.

That’s the kind of moronacy, duplicity and stupidity that people like Mika and Joe spread to their audiences every morning.  And their viewers walk away feeling snug in their beliefs that their holy righteousness is smilingly sanctioned by their imagined deity.

It’s all so very disturbing.


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