This week’s big news from Oklahoma

No shaman, no marriage!  Yup, you read that right.  No Shaman, no marriage!

That’s the gist of what Okies are being asked to consider in light of the Supremes overturning the State’s same-sex marriage prohibitions.

Live in Okieland and wanna’ get married there?  No problem, Jack.  Do whatever you want.  But there is one big rule that you must observe: In order for your marriage to be legally recognized and sanctioned by the State of Oklahoma you must first find a dimwitted, delusional, sky gawd worshiper to “sign off” on your State-issued marriage certificate!  

That’s right.  Wanna get married in OK?  Find a State sponsored shaman (Only a few clans are “sponsored.”) to give you the ultimate permission.  Oh, and one more thing: Don’t be asking your local judge.  Judges will be prohibited from performing marriages if the bill is enacted.  You gotta have a State sponsored shaman.

Hard to believe anyone could come up with something like this, isn’t it?  I seriously doubt that even Louie Gohmert could come up with this one, even with the help of Santorum (aka Mr. Lube), Huckleberry, Palin AND Perry!  But at least one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons has managed to outdo them all!

The faithiest nutbags roaming the halls of our government simply will not give up. Furthermore, I have serious doubts that they can ever be “reached” and brought back into the fold of the sane and reasonable.  Bills like this, I think, are pretty strong evidence that these hominid types are beyond reach.  Something’s gone seriously wrong in their brainmeats cavity.  I think that the best this country could hope for is seeing the day when such insanity is quickly recognized for what it is and the idiots who propose and sponsor these kinds of mind-numbingly-stupid bills are immediately recognized for what they are, removed from public office, marginalized and given the same respect, care and medical treatment due any patient entering Bellevue.

From C&L this morning:
Oklahoma Republican, Todd Russ has proposed a bill that would require a religious official to sign off on the marriage certificate to make marriages legal. It’s obvious that the Republican fundamentalists in one of the reddest states in the nation, harbor feelings of revulsion for same-sex marriage. Now, to avoid the same-sex marriage issue entirely, they are targeting atheists as well. Next to members of the LBGT community, atheists are the next most popular punching bag. There is not one atheist serving in Congress.

Under Russ’s proposal, marriage certificates could be signed only by a religious official, who would then pass the certificate along to the clerk. Judges could no longer perform legal marriages.
While couples who didn’t have a religious official handy could still qualify for a common law marriage, this still means only church-sanctioned relationships could be legally, formally recognized.

Secular marriages outlawed? The government doesn’t have the right to decide unions, according to Russ. “

Why would anyone want to propose something as stupid as this?  Simple.  State’s rights! The feds ain’t go no right tellin’ us Okies how to run things!  Bringin’ slavery back in the State is next.

Read more HERE.  There’s a short video there as well.

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