Who’s your Rethug favorite for 2016

I received an email alert from the good folks over at People For the American Way today that contained the image below.   Check ’em out.  If this isn’t a fine representation of the many facets of the phrase, “batshit lunacy,” I don’t know what is.

Try pondering this thought for just one second: at least one of these morons may very likely become the next Rethug standard bearer in the 2016 US Presidential run.  Who do you think it will be?

Well, I’ve given it some thought and believe that I’m ready to select who I believe should be nominated.  The winners for me?  Rick Santorum, for Prez. and Ben Carson for veep.

There’s no doubt about it for me…. these two morons will bring us the greatest and most sustained laughter that we have ever experienced during a Prez. election.  It could not possibly get better than this.

Oh, please, please, please, Your Royal High Noodleage, please make it be little Ricky (Mr. Lube) Santorum and his idiotic sidekick, Ben.  Oh, I beg of you.

Who are your picks?  Yea, I know how difficult answering that question may be for you but you gotta’ try.  In fact, I think I’ll start a pool right now to encourage your solemn contemplation.

Here’s the pool guidelines:
* I’ll kick start the pot with a Benji.
* Each two-person pick you make costs a buck
* I’ll keep track of the bets.  Losers must pony up after November 8, 2016
* Pick two of the jackasses shown below
* If one of them gets nominated, you win half the pot
* If both of the idiots you pick get nominated, you win the whole pot
* If more than one person picks the same winners, the pot will be split between them
* If I win the booty, I’ll donate my winnings toward this summer’s picnic in the park*
* The winner(s) will also receive one of my newly designed T-shirts

* Eligible parks: Akron, if a NE Ohio winner and Pittsburgh if a Steel City Heathens winner.

Vote early, vote often.  Barrels of Newcastle are pricey.


 PS. Wouldn’t it be just fantastic to see this bumper sticker on cars for a year?


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Mocker of superstition and woo.
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