Racism, stubbornly-willful ignorance and religion – the common denominator

The Oxy/Viagra addict is at it again.  Rush Limpbrain recently went on a ridiculous tirade because Idris Elba, a person of African decent, might play the role of James Bond in the movie’s next iteration.  As utterly ridiculous as Rushbo’s tirade might seem, even better was Cenk Uygur’s take on Rushbo’s tirade.  Oh, it’s a doozey.  Check it out.

Cenk Uygur has a very unique style.  He’s a “take no prisoners” type of news analyzer.  If you’re not familiar with his work, I encourage you to check him out at TYT Network or on his U-Tube channel.   I really enjoy his presentations.

Rushbo’s schtick (if I may legitimately call it that) parallels the mindset of everyone peddling a religious worldview.  Each and every one of them share, to some degree or another, in a very (stubbornly) narrow interpretation of something that they have fixed in their minds.  For this type of personality, deviating beyond those very narrow boundaries is nothing short of blasphemy, if not the height of insanity.  If Rush was born in Syria, he undoubtedly would be an ISIL jihadist.

Let’s take a look at another classic example of this mindset, this personality type if you will.  John Loftus recently engaged in a conversation with Bill Cunningham.  Straight away, Cunningham admits that he was raised as a Roman Catholic and says that he finds the Catholic “philosophy” just fine and dandy these days because it’s no longer burning witches and cutting tongues out of so-called heathens and heretics.  And with the Church pedophile scandal behind them and all now (yea, he believes that the scandal is just old news), he’s ready to fully embrace the clan.  Makes me wonder if Bill has renewed his KKK membership now that that Klan is no longer lynching people on a nightly basis.

Despite all of the learned perspective and logic and reasoning that John is capable of heaping upon this fool, Bill’s immediate, simple-minded retort is “John, what if you’re all wrong and you’re gonna burn in hell for eternity?”  Holy freakin’ shit!  I nearly lost a gulp of Cabernet that I was about to swallow!  Without any reservation, this was the second major clue that John was engaging in conversation with a died-in-the-wool moron.

But, being the “indefatigable” person that Victor Avalos describes John to be in his forward to “Christianity IS NOT Great,” John presses on without even a nanosecond of pause to heap even more logic and learned perspective his way.  Bill’s response?  “The birth of baby Jesus is just around the corner, the churches will be full and donations will skyrocket, so how can you deny that it’s all true!”  Oh, dear gawd!

Cunningham is a living example of why one should never, ever try to engage in a thoughtful conversation with a moron; all they’re really capable of doing is dragging you down to their level and beating you senseless with head-banging stupidity.  Cunningham’s final comments about John “coming around” if he discovered that he had terminal cancer, his “there are no atheists in foxholes” and “I’m going to pray for you” remarks were the comments that, at least for me, firmly put his name in the annuls of the Moron Hall of Fame.

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1 Response to Racism, stubbornly-willful ignorance and religion – the common denominator

  1. Zeus0209 says:

    I’m in my 40’s, was raised roman catholic, and evolved to full blown non-believer while reading “The Greatest Show on Earth” in 2009.

    Just over a year ago I had an experience that caused me to consider that I was going to die rather imminently. I was nowhere near death as is evidenced by this anecdote, but had believed it a very real possibility at the time, irrespective of the moments’ theater. And as I laid there contemplating my “last moments”, I was pleased to realize that I had become the notorious atheist in a foxhole. It was a stirring moment and one which has caused much reflection in the time since.

    It’s sad to consider that so many like Cunningham haven’t found the desire to pull the wool from their eyes. I’m quite proud to say I did, and to testify that the water over here is quite warm.

    Thanks for the post.

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