Moron Alert

Many of you may have never heard of Alison Howard.  I didn’t until today.   Furthermore, I wish I never did and I regret having the displeasure to witness her insanity for even this first time.  I’m being very kind by saying that she’s one of  the sickest, most twisted, ignorant fools I’ve heard.

Alison HowardAlison Howard

Until I witnessed THIS interview with her today, I would never, ever, have believed that a person this young could possibly be so deranged.  My witnessing this interview changed everything.

And where, of course, was she being interviewed?  Yep, you guess it, by a Faux News host of almost equal stupidity.

I was actually tempted to describe Alison as a sick, ignorant jackass but I had second thoughts about doing something that cruel; saying something like that would be terribly offensive to every sick, ignorant jackass roaming the planet in broad daylight and without a straight jacket today.

Something tells me that she actually may be – at this very moment – enrolled in the US School for World-class Morons and tutored by Sarah Plain, Michele Bachmann, Ben Kline, Pat Roberson AND Louie Gohmert every day of the week, holidays included.  I say this because I believe that it’s almost impossible to get this freakin’ stupid without professional help of that caliber.

Do you have children?  Grandchildren?  Nieces and nephews?  Are you an elementary school teacher?  If you have anything to do with young children, then you’ll want to get to know more about Alison right away so you could help to divert their innocent little eyes away from this poisonous trash.  As a public service, I give you Alison Howard.

Beware: do not eat or drink anything before clicking your way to the witness this gawd-awful example of a human being.  The monitor you save may be your own.

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2 Responses to Moron Alert

  1. Rick Fowler says:

    Concerned Women for Amerika is just a bunch of Focus on the Family Evangelical fundies who spew off deliberately incoirrect, untruthful; and skewed propaganda by ROTE! I wonder who is paying for Alison Howard’s birth control. No… actually, I don’t. Sadly, she is just another pretty face.

  2. Rick Fowler says:

    A model Stepford wife, she. Of course she’d be interviewed by Faux Newz.

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