We’re living in a whack-a-mole society

WilliamsSteve Williams, Mayor of Huntington, W. VA.

Now this is a real doozey.  Steve Williams, the Mayor of Huntington, W. VA., while holding back a fountain of tears, implores his pastors to round up his constituents to gather themselves together – this coming Sunday at 11:05am, no less – to pray away the region’s drug epidemic!  He’s even asking that everyone pray extree hard for the conversion of the drug dealers into upstanding citizens!

An excerpt from his four minutes of moronacy:
“If history teaches us anything, the most powerful force on earth is the power of prayer. Yet it is our most underutilized resource. Imagine what we can accomplish… together… if we simply set aside all our differences and become one accord praying to our Lord! Nothing will be able to harness the energy created. Imagine!”

Seriously, can a person in a position of government authority get any freakin’ dumber than this without officially being declared brainless and removed from office? 

Sometimes I’m convinced that battling this kind of stupidity is like shovelin’ sand against the tide.  Well, not sand; that stuff is easy compared to the stuff you have to endure living among those capable of living their lives in this level of ignoramity.

It’s an exercise in the purest form of whack-a-molea.  We’re wasting enormous amounts of very valuable time just struggling to contain this level of insanity.

h/t to Sarah Posner at RD for this morning’s contribution to our understanding of the level of insanity that we’re all dealing with in this country on a daily basis.






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1 Response to We’re living in a whack-a-mole society

  1. The Militant One says:

    “If history teaches us anything, the most powerful force on earth is the power of prayer.”
    Yeah, right. Is that the David Barton history of Fabrication from Whole Cloth? I have a suggestion for the good mayor to test his hypothesis – Pray in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first..

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