SCOTUS Okays Psychological Torture of Sluts

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) struck down Massachusetts’ law creating safety/buffer zones around abortion clinics and women’s health centers. This law was intended to protect women choosing to use the legal services that these facilities offered from harassment and intimidation by protestors and other anti-choice activists – usually religious zealots.

Thankfully, they did not completely strike down the whole concept of safety zones as the anti-choice zealots wanted, but they did enough damage that it ensures that millions of women can be psychologically tortured with the Court’s blessing. It seems that what the Court has said is that as long as you are pretending to be civil and are not shouting, you can torment and psychologically abuse women who have made the agonizing decision to terminate their unwanted pregnancy. Because, of course, as everyone knows, any woman/girl who finds herself pregnant (when she did not intend to be) is a slut – because the patriarchs of a primitive tribe of ancient goat-herders said so. And slut shaming is good for society – just ask Rush Limbaugh and the abstinence-only crowd.

Personally, I think allowing the so-called “counselors” full access may be even more insidious than the protestors screaming at their victims. Since they approach their victims pretending that they want to help them, and then betray that trust by abusing them psychologically, it is even more damaging than having to deal with the shouts and slurs of the known enemy – the loud-mouthed protestors. Just ask any child victim of sexual abuse – it is the betrayal of trust that does as much or more damage than anything else.

So yesterday was another bad day for women’s rights and generally rational attitudes toward human sexuality. The unfortunate thing is that we’ve had way too many of these bad days recently.

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5 Responses to SCOTUS Okays Psychological Torture of Sluts

  1. Zeus020900 says:

    On a little more pondering…wouldn’t this whole issue all go away if we could all classify the woman as a patient? Imagine a single payer health care system that offers one stop shopping for all ailments. Cancer one floor 1, heart on floor 2 liver…OB-GYN/women’s clinic, floor 7… where oh where could the “counselors” find a place to stand?

    Yes, classify them as patients and its a game changer. Till then, though, they’re still just sluts.

  2. revelmundo says:

    Thanks for posting on this.

    I too am very saddened by this ruling. And I was doubly saddened to see that the decision was unanimous! Holy shit.

    Honestly, I just don’t understand the Court’s rationale. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. The long history of violence at women’s health clinics across the country, I believe, would compel any reasonable mind to endorse very wide buffer zones at all of these types of locations. Just look at what the Court does with its own plaza; there’s no “free speech” activity allowed on the plaza AND, if you want to demonstrate at the SC building, you’re restricted to a small (30′) area on the side of the building!

    WTF? This makes zero sense to me. I just don’t understand what could possibly compel nine Justices to perceive this issue as a purely First Amendment rights issue. It’s not. Those Justices are not obligated to see every freakin’ thing that comes by their desk, w/o nuance and historical knowledge, as a potential Constitutional rights abridgment. Why do they seem so hell-bent on seeing everything that way? There’s plenty of venues to “debate” this issue. The debate need not be carried out in front of ill or needy women who seek a medical evaluation or procedure at a health clinic. In fact, a health clinic is one venue where it definitely should NOT be carried out!

    I tried reading part of the ruling; it seemed like gobbely-goo to me and I gave up. My brain hurt after reading a few passages than when I started.

    This ruling makes me sick beyond belief. What a freakin’ stupid country we live in. It’s just moronic.

  3. Zeus020900 says:

    SCOTUS must also then permit anti-theists who are pretending to be civil and not shouting, to “counsel” would be confession goers, no? Or pre-baptismal ceremony parents? Or pre-confirmation ceremony young adults? All 1st amendment rights, I guess.

    Except, it is fair that one finds abortion a bit more serious engagement than the others. But what is to be interpreted from SCOTUS’ ruling or even indicative of what is yet to come? Good luck to them if this ultimately leads to some blending of law with church doctrine. (Like evaluating pornography – “I know it when I see it”…THAT worked out really well).

    The optimist in me wants to think this one was just too sticky a topic so they steered clear – then again, I’m more a cynic.

    Interesting post, thanks.

    • The Militant One says:

      Sorry – I don’t share your optimism. The Roberts court has been pretty well stacked with delusionals. But we’ll have a much better handle on their theocratic leanings (or not so theocratic leanings) after their Hobby Lobby ruling.

  4. jessica says:

    Although abortion is not a choice I myself would make I support every woman’s right to make that decision. I do not agree that anyone should be psychologically abused by so called Christians and pro life hypocrites.” Oh there’s adoption” “dont have premarital sex..apparently god hates that ” ” that’s what happens when you walk away from the lord” blah blah blah..its ridiculous! It breaks my heart to see someone who is at a low point in thier life being kicked while they’re down and it makes me even sicker to see that the bodies behind these feet belong to so called followers of Christ…some christ he is, any diety that okays the right to injure and ridicule people for taking control of thier own bodies is a diety im glad I no longer follow!

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