Pittsburgh Fringe Festival presents: Fork Full of Noodles Live!: 5/11/2014 at Steel City Improv Theater

Where: Steel City Improv Theater (5859 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15232)

When: 5/11/2014

RSVP at: http://www.meetup.com/Steel-City-Skeptics/events/180729272/

Local Comedian Krish Mohan’s weekly web series comes live for 1-hour show at this year’s Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. Fork Full of Noodles is a weekly satire web show that takes on subjects from Politics to Religion to Life, Pop Culture and more! New episodes of the weekly show premiere every Monday and are also featured on PittsburghComedy.com and DC based Comedy website, LYGO DC. The show will run 3 times for the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival:

May 10: 2pm-3pm May 10: 8:50p-9:50pm May 11: 7:20pm-8:20pm

“My introduction to comedy was the Daily Show and this is my homage to what they do,” says Mohan. The live show will feature, live monologues, characters and video sketches that relate to current events and news. The cast incudes Krish Mohan as the host, and Stand Up Comedians, Derek Minto, Ray Zawodni, Zach Funk and Improvisers, Brett Goodnack, Justin Vetter and more. The show is to be a blend of written sketches and improvised portions to give the show a personal feel. “They say most young people get their news from the Daily Show,” says Steve Gottschalk, Improviser, “but I get mine from Fork Full of Noodles. Suck on it lamestream media!”

Tickets: http://pghfringe.org/…

Pittsburgh 15232 – USA

Sunday, May 11 at 7:15 PM

Details: http://www.meetup.com/Steel-City-Skeptics/events/180729272/

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