Reality check desperately needed

Today I’m seeking understanding and wisdom from all sane corners of this country and I’m hoping that a least a few readers of this blog might be able to help.

For the past four plus years the so-called conservative members of the US Congress have done just about everything in their power to enrich the lives of themselves and their corporate sponsors and at the very same time have done everything in their power to insure that the rest of us live at a more or less sustenance level.

Among other things, they have….

… resisted every attempt to reform the nation’s rotten healthcare system, have spent enormous amounts of time, energy and money attempting to repeal the very modest (and Republican-inspired) reforms that have been realized via the Affordable Care Act – including the denial of healthcare coverage through State Medicaid expansions that are 100% funded through Federal dollars – and have labored exhaustively to place a variety of restrictions on the scope of coverage available to ACA enrollees.

… worked tirelessly to undercut and underfund the public school system.  Enormous monies have been, by legislative fiat, diverted to charter schools, private schools, parochial schools, on-line “home schooling,” special academies and a host of other for-profit enterprises. Then, as we watch generations of youngsters leaving high school unable to identify their State on a map of the United States, we’re told, “Looky!  I told ya so.  The public education system is rotten!  Parents need more “choice” for their kids!”

… crafted outrageously ridiculous schemes to “privatize” social security and “voucherize” Medicare.  When those efforts fail they then try to simply gut Medicare and Medicaid budgets and decimate every social safety program that they can get their greedy little hands on.  What do they do with the “saved” money?  Simple.  Give it to the Pentagon.

… given huge tax breaks and incentives to multi-national corporations to move their production facilities off shore in search of cheap slave labor to help them sell their cheap crap more “competitively” at the nearest Wally-Mart.

… obstructed, refused, denied and derided all attempts to invest in public works projects that would put millions of people to work improving the nation’s infrastructure and public transportation system despite the fact that every reputable economist in the country has advocated for this investment since the financial meltdown in 2008 and the cost of borrowing money to do it is the cheapest that it has been in decades.  Instead, these worms been content to sit back and watch as our nation’s bridges collapse, our roads rival those in Afghanistan and millions of people remain jobless.

… refused to provide unemployment insurance payments to millions of hard-working people who, through absolutely no fault of their own, have watched their jobs relocated to foreign shores.

… cut food stamp and other nutritional dollars to the most needy of its citizenry while at the very same time gave billions of dollars in tax breaks, provided giant tax loopholes and a plethora of tax incentives to multi-national agricultural interests who need nothing from the public trough.

… done everything in their power to insure that full marriage equality for all of its citizenry is denied, restricted, ostracized and belittled.

… concocted a range tricks and disgusting, underhanded schemes to restrict the voting rights of a large segment of the citizenry.

… literally stuffed their election and re-election coffers with billions of dollars given to them by special interest groups to create mis and disinformation campaigns to convince the American people to act against their own best interests.

… resisted efforts to raise the minimum wage and help millions of Americans to rise above a life of poverty while at the same time shielding the wealthiest among us from  paying their fair share of taxes.

… defunded women’s health centers and forced the closing of abortion and women’s health providers based solely on their narrow, extreme and preposterous religious convictions.

… spent countless legislative hours and an enormous amount of money finding ways to make the contraceptive choices for women expensive and limited.

… worked with great passion to decimate the Environmental Protection Agency, lessen regulatory restrictions on the nation’s known polluters and have been best friends to multi-national interests that callously poison the country’s air, rivers, aquifers, lakes and streams.

… at every turn denied science and modernity instead choosing to embrace ancient mythology and delusional dreams of a supernatural cure for all that ails them.

… labored in every conceivable way to obfuscate the rule of law, trash the US Constitution and poke giant holes in the wall separating church and State.

Yet, despite all of this, we’re learning from one of the most brilliant politico/math geniuses of our time – Nate Silver – that Republicans stand better than a 60% chance of regaining control of the US Senate this November.

I find myself perplexed and obsessed with this question: how could this possibly be true?

I confess right up front – I have very few doubts that Nate’s analysis is spot-on correct.  Further, I am able to come up with only a couple of plausible explanations for it:

(a) A very large segment of American electorate is comprised of clueless morons who are unaware of the feces that has and is being hurled upon them.

(b) The American electorate on some level knows that they are being defecated upon but have simply given up defending themselves against the fecal onslaught.

A combination of both factors probably best explains this phenomenon.  I’m open to considering other possible explanations and I hope more than a few readers will weigh-in here with their theories.

I really don’t want to believe that my theories are correct.


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1 Response to Reality check desperately needed

  1. Zeus0202 says:

    I’m going to vote. I’m going to vote blue. I’m going to financially contribute to my area’s campaigns – go Erin14. But I’m disheartened by what seems to be an insurmountable uphill climb against the tide of my newly gerrymandered district. I’m disheartened by the self perpetuating machine of limitless term politicians. I’m disheartened by the political tactic (historically utilized by both major parties) to exclude potentially impactful candidates from the ballot.

    (Not that it matters, but for the record I’m not libertarian) But I’m most disheartened by what isn’t discussed on the 6 o’clock news. Or on any of the mind numbing owned media that are front and center to our society. This overall seems to be the won goal of big money…give them smoke and mirrors, sensationalize house fires and car accidents and school bus fights, focus on sports and anything novel. Cheaply provide cell phones and video games and guns and hypnotize them that they need all of it – best marketing ever. Add to the cocktail a sky fairy, and some frack water all washed down with the notion that America’s the best country in the world…may as well hand out bandages for our knuckles which are surely soon to drag.

    But at no point, whatsoever, do we even address anything warranting critical thinking. Then further “boil the frog” and pull away free thought and affordable education for the generations to come. Make higher education so expensive to limit the field of candidates and for those that can afford to go, stack the curriculum in your favor.

    I think I have to lean on the side with your theory A. Except I fear that there’s less choice to be a “moron” as there is a spoon feeding to become one.

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