HUNTED: video removed from You-Tube

This morning I wanted to revisit a few segments of the video link that I posted here on Feb. 9 – HUNTED: Homophobia in Russia.  Here’s the image I found.


I was shocked, not only to find that it has been “removed by the user,” but also very pissed at myself for failing to download it while I watched it.

There was no information available about the “user.”  That’s pretty strange.  I also went hunting for other clips and trailers that might be still available, but haven’t been able to find anything worthwhile in that category either.  I did locate one link to a 3-minute video clip featuring the Channel 4 investigative  journalist that help to produce the documentary (access it HERE) which did feature a 1-minute interview of a gay man who was shot in the eye by the new gangs of homophobic thugs and brain-dead ignoromi roamin’ the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg without straight jackets while the Olympic games  consume the world’s attention.

I’ll keep hunting for the publication of the documentary at other location or a republishing of it at You-Tube.  If a reader finds a solid link to this documentary, or even a few meaningful clips, please post the link here in the comments section.

It saddens me immensely that the opportunity to watch this important documentary has been (at least temporarily) lost to many.  Hopefully, we’ll find it available again soon.


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