HUNTED: Homophobia in Russia


This morning I had the opportunity of viewing a very well-done documentary titled, “HUNTED.” The documentary was a production of BBC Channel 4 that was uploaded on You-Tube just three days ago. Today it tallies 43,000 visits.

The 48-minute, hi-resolution production investigates and documents the plight of gay, lesbian and transgender people in Russia today. It is an extraordinary documentary. I highly recommend not only viewing it but taking a few minutes of time to pass it along to as many others in your circle of friends and family as you can for them to have an opportunity to view as well.

This piece documents with absolute clarity what happens when a society descends into a kind fascistic madness whose origins are in ignorance, intolerance and pure, unadulterated hatred. From my limited perspective, I can see little difference between how the Russian State and the established religious institution regards LGBTQ people and how the Nazis regarded those who they identified as Jews or were even “suspected” of being homosexuals, communists, labor leaders, or any other person or class of people the State deemed “undesirable”).

I found this early comment by the investigator also very telling: “It’s not just the State that’s driving these attitudes. Today the Church governs Russia’s moral compass.” After watching the documentary I’m confident that everyone of sound mental capacity will agree: that’s some moral compass all right.

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2 Responses to HUNTED: Homophobia in Russia

  1. revelmundo says:

    As one of the interviewees said:
    “Right now it suits the state and the regime to organize this witch hunt, because our economic situation, our pensions, our salaries, our healthcare, and our education are all getting worse. Understandably people need someone to blame. To stop people from focusing their anger at the authorities, the regime is igniting and maintaining this conflict and hatred. They are making people fight amongst themselves.

    Kinda, makes you feel like you’ve heard this before. I would like someone to explain hos this sentiment doesn’t apply 100% here in ‘mer’ka.

  2. Rev. J. Richard Fowler says:

    When people do not remember their history, they are doomed to repeat it. One of the reasons the Bolshevists banned the Russian Orthodox Church is because it was hand-in-glove with the autonomy and excesses of Czarist Russia. Thus has it ever been. What I can’t figure out is, if Putin was a previous KGB agent and member of the Communist Party, how can he allow the re-emergence of the Orthodox Church into Russian politics and life? For the most part, The only Russians who actually had anything to do with the Church during the 20th century are the oldest members of Russian society, who are few in number. Whole generations have grown up w/o its presence or influence. And, yet, they still wield a heavy club. Nice bling, though!

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