Science and Skepticism Book Discussion of “Abominable Science!”: 2 TODAY at Biddle’s Escape

Where: Biddle’s Escape (401 Biddle Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221)

When: 2 TODAY

RSVP at:

Next book  – Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids

Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero; Foreword by Michael Shermer

December will have us discussing cryptozoology, the study of unknown or mythical creatures (like Santa Claus perhaps?).  In particular the authors look at the Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, and other famous cryptids.  “They conclude with an analysis of the psychology behind the persistent belief in paranormal phenomena, identifying the major players in cryptozoology, discussing the character of its subculture, and considering the challenge it poses to clear and critical thinking in our increasingly complex world.”…

We will start the new year off with a call to action for maintaining the wall between church and state by discussing Attack of the Theocrats by Sean Faircloth… 

Sunday, December 22 at 2:00 PM


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